Time to Shop the Reigning Jewellery Trends for summer’17

Diva General has lots to offer you in terms of bling and jewels. Be it the raging trends of the season, like geometric patterns and neck-grazing necklaces, or old school trends like Hollywood watches, we’ve got everything you need.

Here, feast your eyes:

1.   I Heart It!



Heart shaped jewellery, be it rings, earrings, chokers or necklaces, always look gloriously adorable, and when you flaunt them in our solid Saudi gold finish, they oomph up your glamour by twelve folds. These heart shaped jewellery items are amazingly versatile for any and every occasions, be it a casual day out on the streets, a fine dining experience or a star studded black tie event.

2.   Beautifully Studded



Diva General has a stunning collection of preciously exotic studs that allow you to flaunt minimalist glamour with a beautiful aplomb. From stunningly creative geometric shapes to delicate gold pieces studded with crystals and sparkly stones, we have an abundance of variety in studs for you to stock up. You can flaunt these pieces on the streets, or your evening formals where you’d like to keep your sparkle minimal yet voguishly on-point.

3.   Neck-Grazing Glam


Chokers have become overly overrated and we cannot deny that these thin strips of fabric are no longer the reigning jewellery trend of the season. The summer runways have taught us that it’s the perfect time to stock up some adorably chic neck-grazing necklaces that flatter your finely sculpted beauty bones and sneak in some Saudi gold glam in your minimalist wardrobe. From gorgeous geometric shapes to lock and key, and heart shaped pendants, our lovely variety of necklaces is bound to excite you beyond belief.

4.   Russian Stones


Glamorously sparkly Russian stones are a splendid pick if you want to ravish your inner goddess with a stunning arrangement of floral designs. We allow you to pick out stunning rings and jewellery items studded with glittery Russian stones, which make a splendid pick to bling up your profile at a formal evening or a crazy night of club-hopping. Our solid Saudi gold rings with beautiful Russian stone arrangements are a wonderful pick to flatter any and every woman.

5.   Big-Dial Watches


If you wish to flaunt a sexy moment of lady boss glamour at work or at a formal black tie event, you need our solid Saudi gold watches to give your profile heightened notes of voguish chicness. Our watches are amazingly on-point for both, work related environments and star-studded evening soirees. Studded with delicate sparkly stones, our old Hollywood style watches will delight you with their chicer than chic appeal.