Fabulous Style Tips for Plus-Size Ladies

Curves can be hot but you need to be aware of the fact that they should look good on you. You definitely do not want to look frumpy but you want to look curvy. This means that you should avoid wearing any outfit that would make you look bulky, but instead wear something that would enhance your curves and body shape. Do not for a second think that you need to hide them, but take it this way that you need to look the best you can. Make sure that your body proportions are balanced appropriately and that the right places of your body flaunts the curves.

Fashion Advice

So basically your focus should be mainly on buying clothes that would make you appear slimmer and silhouettes that are trimmed that make the eyes scroll up and down instead of going from one side to another side. Pay attention to the frame of your body first and then choose the style of the outfit accordingly.

Just like this polyester Diva dress which is loose on the sleeves and tight on the upper and lower body making your body figure look tones. Obviously when you are bulky you should avoid wearing clothes without sleeves because that would just make your bare hands look more bulky and fat. Cover up with sleeves that have a flare, just like this dress. Go with the details that are appropriate for your body size. On the other hand you can accessorize by wearing a bunch of necklaces to create a look that is fuller and also compliments the scale of your body.

Contours and Proportions

First thing is first when it comes to shopping for plus sized clothing. You need to look at the proportions and contours of the outfit before buying it. Ask yourself if this is the right dress for you. Would it make you look bulky? These things really need to be kept in mind while shopping for plus sized clothing. Luckily, Diva General knows what is best for you so they have stocked up all the outfits that would make plus sized women look chic and gorgeous despite their weight. Everyone who is plus sized has a different body shape, for instance someone is broad on the shoulders while someone is broad on the hips. So you need to choose your outfit accordingly.


Choosing the Right Bracelet for Everyday Wear


Choosing accessories for yourself when it comes to the fact that you want to look a tad bit extra, one thing that you can choose for yourself in such a situation is a bracelet. Diva General makes a tons of pretty bracelets for you to wear at every occasion you are going to. Moreover, there are plenty of styles available so we will help you choose the one that is right for you. Are you looking for a lot of bangles in one hand or a single sophisticated looking bracelet to suit your attire? Here are a lot of ways in which you can wear fashion bracelets.

Day and Night Appropriate

Most of the jewelry we buy for ourselves are worn by us literally every day, be it at night or during the day. If you want to choose a bracelet for work which is fashionable and sober at the same time, then you need to be sure of the fact that your choice of bracelet would help you pull yourself together and look professional. But the choice you would be making should be entirely based on the type of work place environment you have.  If your office has a very conservative environment then make sure that your bracelet is a little bit sober and simple to look at. Something that is not very flashy. Choose a bracelet that has a single chain or bangle. If you think that a bracelet with solitary gem stones would be appropriate then go with that or maybe an elegant tennis bracelet if your work place allows that. Not all the places you work at are formal so keep your selection simple and as casual as it can be.

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How to Style Your Leggings?

If you think about it, then the one trend that is still up to date and loved by everyone is the trend of leggings. Especially worn by the celebrities, and all the people around the world. Spot any famous celebrity on the streets and you would definitely see them wearing a pair stretchy pants. Considering how to style them, there are several ways you can do that and look super chic. But, pulling off the best look can literally be an art in the most dashing way possible. We have rounded up a bunch of ways you can wear your leggings and flaunt your style away. You may already know about most of them and you might just learn a lot of new tips as well.

Keep it Current and Trendy

stylist dress

Keep the trend of wearing leggings current by pairing them with a bomber jacket or a crop top. This is literally the simplest way you can wear leggings in. This can be your outfit style to go when it comes to daily wear outfits. You can also wear this to college or on a casual day out with your girls.

solid coat

This casual inspired look, looks great on many but do not forget to utilize your leggings for a formal event as well. Wear it with a leather jacket and heels to a party for a formal look. Do not be afraid to wear this look.  So if you are going to a party at night and do not want to wear a regular formal dress, then wear leather with a top and jacket.

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Face Washes and Cleansing Products for Flawless, Clean Skin

We have piled up a list face washes and cleansing products that you should use on a daily or weekly basis if you want skin that is flawless and fresh. All the products are sold at Diva General, so you do not even have to worry about searching for them at every other store and having no luck in finding them. Here are a few of them that are totally worthy of the investment.

Summer Eve’s Cleansing Wash

This cleansing wash is literally the best you can find on the planet. It can get rid of the most harsh dirt and impurities on your face, making your face look clean and free of all sorts of filth. This wash is formulated specifically for sensitive skin, to keep the PH of your face balanced. It is also pocket friendly and the size of the bottle is big enough to last for several washes. This cleansing wash is definitely worth a try!

Eco Tools Facial Cleansing Sponge

You definitely need a facial cleansing sponge to clean off your face once in a while. The eco tools facial cleansing sponge is the best product you can invest in. the texture of the sponge is soft which is not at all abrasive for your skin. It gently cleans the skin and makes it free of all sorts of impurities. This sponge is also pocket friendly and the best part about it is that it can be used more than once.

Cleansing Cloth

It can become a task for most of us to get rid of the makeup off of our faces every day. Obviously if you do not clean the makeup properly, it can cause breakouts on your face because makeup starts leaching out oils after a while. The Cetaphil cleansing cloth is gentle on the face and it cleans off all the makeup and dirt off of your face. It can be perfect for a daily use to clean your makeup face after a long day.

Neutrogena Daily Moisturizer

Your skin needs to hydrate every day. If you would leave your skin the way it is without moisturizing it every night before you sleep or every morning after the shower, then your skin starts becoming dry and wrinkled. To avoid dry skin, use this moisturizer every day. Especially during the dry winters to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. The SPF in the moisturizer is perfect to protect your skin from the harsh sun tan.

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Must Have Shoes this Season

Summer is here with a bang and that makes it a perfect excuse for you to buy new shoes. Whether it is just a simple pair of new flats for your holiday or a traditional style which you will be using throughout the hot summer season, you need something special for your shoe wardrobe this season and Diva General is always there for you. Be it boots, slippers, heels, flats, they have all the styles one could want. See our editors pick of the most desirable shoes this summer from the store and why. You will surely love every pair of it. When the perfect pair is found, rock it with your outfit and become a fashion diva:

1. Platforms

The platform sandals are the most iconic style from the 90s. It can look a bit ugly at times, but it is surely the cutest pair you would ever find for yourself. Moschino revived this style and you should totally own a pair. The color black and grey makes it neutral which can be worn with any colored outfit. Well, these shoes look great with midi length dresses during the summers.

2. Toe Heels

The trend of toe heels is still going very strong and you should definitely own this pair of silver toe heels. The silver color and the bow detailing makes it perfect for your next important dinner date or party night. Do not stick to the version that is plain and basic, instead get funky ones with detailing like bows, beads and stuff from a trendier look. These heels would look extraordinary with your cocktail dresses and party gowns.

3. Loafers

Everyday work shoes can be very tricky to choose. Obviously you would want to invest in something that is comfortable and looks good at the same time. Comfort is nothing in front of something that is sophisticated; ugly looking work shoes just for the comfort are definitely a no. These loafers at Diva General are a must own for your daily work wear. They can be worn with pencil skirts, pants, or anything else and look super chic.

4. Sandals

Summer is literally nothing without the flowers and fruits. The floral design sandals are perfect for your daily wear with any of your outfits. Rock it with your summer dress, or just a regular pair of jeans throughout the season. you can also wear these sandals on your vacation, you can definitely just keep this one pair and wear it casually every day throughout your trip.

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3 Ways to Style the V-Neck Chiffon Blouse

You have a really nice blouse in your wardrobe that you love a lot and you prefer wearing it everywhere you go because that is how much you admire it. Well, do not fret by the fact that people will judge you for wearing the same outfit every other day. There are several ways to style a top and look chic every time you wear it. Be it to a party or two work, you can rock this blouse with any style you want to and look trendy to the next level.

976J658S10_21.     Beachy Look

So there is a beach party that you have to go to and you want to wear your favorite cold shoulder chiffon top. You do not know how to dress it up so it looks casual and beachy. Here is what you should do. Wear it with a nice skirt, it can be a mini skirt or a maxi skirt. It would look gorgeous either way. Wear a pair of flip flops with it or beach sandals. Make sure you tuck in the top in your skirt. You can also wear it with a pair of flowy culottes because obviously that is the trendiest thing going on these days. Choose a printed design which has the same shade of blue for either of the two, the skirt or culottes.

446173S04_1.jpg2.     Office Look

Going to work and you want to wear your favorite chiffon top? It is very simple to style it for your office or a very important business meeting that you have to attend. Wear it with a pair of sleek dress pants in either black or white. Navy blue looks ethereal with the color white, so that would be a better choice for you. If you want to make it look a little bit more formal, then wear a matching blazer with it. So what if the sleeves are detailed, after all you want it to look different every time!

3.     Dinner Look

Fancy dinners can be the trickiest ones, because that is the time when you just do not know what to wear. Leggings can be worn formally with tops and they look very smart. Get yourself some nice leggings in the color black and wear it with this chiffon top. Pair it up with black toe heels and a matching cross body bag of course. Make sure you do not forget to accessorize, because what is a night out without some bling?

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Diva General – Offering the Best Office Wear for You

Diva General has casual, smart, tailored shirts and blazers available for your work needs. When you are a career oriented woman, you would obviously want to stand out when it comes to your work and attire both. Following every style tip that is required and wearing what is best for you. You want to chase all your dreams and become what you want to. Keeping your busy schedule aside, clothing also matters when you are at work. There are several trendy outfit styles that you can follow and look graceful and chic at work. Diva has a bunch of fabulous one’s for you and here are a few of them for you to definitely get.

1.     Striped Coat


Coats are a must wear when it comes to work. Well, not every time but if you are working in an office set up then it is better to wear one because that adds a touch of dressiness and elegance to your attire. This striped coat can be the perfect funky addition to your office wardrobe. Style this coat with a regular black tank top or wear it on top of a pair of straight dress pants. Improvise and get rid of the regular, same old boring office blazers and be funky.

2.     Black Sleeveless Dress


You have an office dinner to attend at a fancy restaurant and you want to wear something that is classy and not too formal at the same time. Basically something that would fit a hundred percent to the dress code. This black body con dress is the most wanted this season.

It looks super chic and trendy at every office event you would want to wear it to. The strap detailing makes it look elegant. Pair it up with black pumps and make a style statement in front of your colleagues.

3.     White Chiffon Shirt


A shirt is a must have in your wardrobe, especially a white one. This white shirt in chiffon with black detailing on the collar makes it a perfect mix with a pair of black dress pants to work. Style it up with a plain black blazer to make your look a little dressier. The color white makes it neutral so you can also wear it with khakis and not just black pants. If you are a person of prints then bring about a change and wear this shirt with printed checkered black and white pants and make a fashionable statement.

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Pick the best Prom Dresses from Diva General

What should I wear to prom is the first question that arises in every girl’s head when she wants to choose her outfit. The fact is that what a girl would wear to prom would obviously be a part of her life forever. The photographs and memories would definitely be something that she would cherish for the rest of her life and reminisce the pleasant moments. Diva General has a huge range of dresses that can be worn to prom, be it long maxi dresses or short dresses, they have all the styles possible that you can choose from. Capture your personal style and silhouettes in every detail possible.


  • Long Prom Dresses


Women's casual dress

Long prom dresses look tremendously stunning because of their versatile style and timeless designs. It is the most classic prom dr

esses that can be worn as a fashion s

tatement to your prom party. The elegant design of a long dress makes it the most obvious choice to wear to prom or any other event that is formal. Every long dress is very unique in its own possible way. The embellishments, designs and varieties of the dress at Diva General obviously makes it very easy for you to choose which ever style you want to. Be it a bedazzled dress, chiffon maxi dress, or a 

sequin dress, they have all they have it all. The stunning shape of the dresses would enhance the shape of your body along with giving a 

sophisticated and classy attire to your look. The intricate designs and bold markings make it worthy of a purchase. It is the style need that your party wardrobe definitely requires.


  • Short Prom Dresses


Womens short dress

Short dresses for prom are everyone’s absolute favorite for the occasion. It gives a flirty and fun look to your attire. That is true, there is no better choice for you than a short prom dress especially when it comes to the fact that you would be dancing and celebration all night for finally getting done with school. Who wouldn’t want to do

that? Don’t forget the fact that short dresses are a lot more comfortable. Starting from sparkles, to florals, to intricate detailing, Diva General has all the kind of 

short dresses that you would need for your prom party. Get your prom dresses that would fit every style need of yours. Have the time of your life and make it the best night possible. Be the center of everyone’s attention, or maybe the prom queen by flaunting your stylish outfit.


Explore more trendy and fashionable dresses for women:




Skin Essentials – Daily Skin Products for Flawless Skin

Skin essentials can be a bit tricky to purchase because you do not always know about which product suits your skin in the best possible way. Everyone loves skin that is flawless and free of impurities and harsh acne. Obviously products that are cruel to your skin would cause a lot of chemical reactions and make your skin look like a mess. Diva General has a bunch of daily skin care products available that you can easily buy and use on a daily basis for a better looking you. They have so many products that it will get difficult to choose, because they are all the best ones available. To help you out, here are a few that you must get for a better and flawless skin.

1. Face Wash – Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Formula

Face Wash - Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Formula.jpg

Obviously everyone needs to use a facewash regularly to keep their skin clean and free of dirt. If you have normal skin then this is the perfect facewash for you. Use it regularly every morning when you wake up and at night before you sleep to keep our skin clean and healthy. This face wash is free of all sorts of fragrances as well.

2. Serum – Vitamin C

Serum - Vitamin C.jpg

Are you sick of looking old like a grand mom? You want something for your skin that would make you look younger and better? The vitamin c serums can be the perfect choice for you. The ingredients in it help you reduce spots that form on your skin due to ageing and the vitamin c would give you the essential requirements that your skin lacks.

3. Scrub – Blemish Control

Scrub - Blemish Control.jpg

Regular scrubbing of the face is very important if you want to keep your skin clean and free of harsh acne and black heads. The St. Ives scrub is perfect for your weekly scrubbing needs. Believe it or not but Diva General knows what is best for you, because well, all the celebrities use the very same scrub for their skin. It is literally the best you can get. Control the blemishes on your skin by using it on a regular basis.

4. Acne Facewash

Acne Facewash.jpg

Are you getting sick of the blistered and acne prone face that you have? The Neutrogena oil free acne scrub and facewash is perfect for your skin especially if you skin leaches out excessive oil. Say goodbye to the ugly acne on your face and say hello to flawless clean skin.

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Dressing like A Hollywood Diva on The Cheap

Hollywood celebrities fashion often look like they have just stepped off the road, even when they are spotted at the out shopping or airport. While many celebrities have personal stylists that guarantee their look is on point, you can dress like a celebrity without one. Experimenting with colors, proportions, and statement pieces are great ways to bring out your inner celebrity. Once you have put together the accurate outfit, you can top off the look with an impressive pair of shoes such as these: Hollywood celebrities shoeshttps://www.divageneral.com/index.php/shoes.html

Hollywood celebrities are known for playing with proportions when it comes to fashion. Balance between, sleeves, hemlines, and shoes can break or make an outfit. Pairing the small with the tall or the understated with the absurdly obvious can take your celebrity-inspired style to epic proportions, such as these:  https://www.divageneral.com/index.php/catalogsearch/result/?q=gowns

  • You need to wear a short skirt with a long-sleeved blouse and flats.
  • You need to try a trench coat with a long denim skirt and a short-sleeved turtleneck top.

Pair a little short lift dress with simple ankle boots and a long wool vest.

For buying the top class accessories for your fashion, you can look for Michael Kors designers, their dresses looks like a Hollywood diva. The Michael Kors designer sells men’s and woman’s accessories, ready-to-wear, jewelry, watches, footwear, and fragrance. Same as the Michael Kors, Betsey Johnson is also an American fashion designer that is best known for her whimsical and feminine designs. Betsey Johnson’s most designs are considered embellished and “over the top”, such as these: SEXY LINGERIE-BLACK https://www.divageneral.com/index.php/catalogsearch/result/?q=kors

Dressing in all one color will make a look, celebrity-worthy statement. It is also a great way to attract attention to a statement-worthy bag, hairstyle, or pair of shoes. You can go for the exact same color, or prefer for different shades of the same color.

  • Pair a black jacket with black skinny jeans, black handbag, and black ankle boot.
  • Simple white dress top with a white jacket will make you look like a celebrity.

Saudi-Gold-NecklaceWhen you pair a coat or sweater with a shorter skirt or dress, the result can be evocative of celebrity style. Choose for simple pieces that complement one another. Make sure the sweater, coat, or vest is at least a couple of inches longer than your dress or skirt.

  • You need to try pairing a duster-length sweater with a simple dress.
  • You need to wear a car-length coat over a shorter denim skirt and simple tee.

Celebrities are known for displaying colorful pieces that pop out from the rest of their outfit. Adding a single pop of color to what might other than be an everyday outfit will help you stand out whether you are on the red carpet or out on the town with your friends.

  • For that, you need to pair red heels with jeans and t-shirt.
  • You will need to show off a brightly colored bag by pairing it with a simple dress.

Celebrities can be identify sporting white sneakers no matter the locale or season. White sneakers are comfortable while also giving an element of celebrity style.