The Do’s and Don’ts of plus Size Fashion

There are many designers who think that women who are curvy are not really interested in following the latest fashion trends. But have you ever met a woman who asks you to put her in a potato sack? A few practical advices claim that women who are curvy and fuller are not exclusive mutually. Here are a few tips for those with curves that are flattering, and a few things that they should avoid. 

DO: Identify your body shape

There are five types of body shapes generally, triangle, hourglass, oval, rectangle and inverted. If you know what the shape of your body is, then it will help you choose the right silhouette. For instance if you triangle shapes, then you would know that you need to wear a fuller skirt for a better balance.

DO: Invest in a good bra

The right bra will give you a polished appearance along with clean lines. Wearing a bra that is ill in fitting can cause tremendous problems. For instance a posture that is bad, dents in the shoulders. So it is very important to get a fitting that is proper.

DO: Find a tailor that is good

Designers and brands have different sized fit models and stuff, so it is better to not stick to a single size for every time you buy some outfit for yourself. It really is not about the number, it is about the fit. Get tailored clothes so they can hang on your body properly so there can be a difference between something terrific and terrible. Obviously if you have a store like Diva General that makes clothes specifically for plus sized women, then you do not need a tailor to stitch you clothes.

DO NOT: Wear leggings in place of pantsplus Size Fashion

It might sound a bit absurd and rude, but women really need to realize that leggings are not pants. That is one bitter truth every woman should accept and face. Avoiding too much personal information, you really do not want people to see your huge butt under the short t-shirts. Leggings look the best when you wear them with shirts that have tunic like styles and tops that are longer which cover up properly.

DO NOT: Dress like a sloppy at the gym

There are a lot of options for you to look good when you are going to the gym. You do not really have to look ridiculous just because you are fat. Plus, if you dress cute then you will feel more motivated.



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