Must Have Shoes this Season

Summer is here with a bang and that makes it a perfect excuse for you to buy new shoes. Whether it is just a simple pair of new flats for your holiday or a traditional style which you will be using throughout the hot summer season, you need something special for your shoe wardrobe this season and Diva General is always there for you. Be it boots, slippers, heels, flats, they have all the styles one could want. See our editors pick of the most desirable shoes this summer from the store and why. You will surely love every pair of it. When the perfect pair is found, rock it with your outfit and become a fashion diva:

1. Platforms

The platform sandals are the most iconic style from the 90s. It can look a bit ugly at times, but it is surely the cutest pair you would ever find for yourself. Moschino revived this style and you should totally own a pair. The color black and grey makes it neutral which can be worn with any colored outfit. Well, these shoes look great with midi length dresses during the summers.

2. Toe Heels

The trend of toe heels is still going very strong and you should definitely own this pair of silver toe heels. The silver color and the bow detailing makes it perfect for your next important dinner date or party night. Do not stick to the version that is plain and basic, instead get funky ones with detailing like bows, beads and stuff from a trendier look. These heels would look extraordinary with your cocktail dresses and party gowns.

3. Loafers

Everyday work shoes can be very tricky to choose. Obviously you would want to invest in something that is comfortable and looks good at the same time. Comfort is nothing in front of something that is sophisticated; ugly looking work shoes just for the comfort are definitely a no. These loafers at Diva General are a must own for your daily work wear. They can be worn with pencil skirts, pants, or anything else and look super chic.

4. Sandals

Summer is literally nothing without the flowers and fruits. The floral design sandals are perfect for your daily wear with any of your outfits. Rock it with your summer dress, or just a regular pair of jeans throughout the season. you can also wear these sandals on your vacation, you can definitely just keep this one pair and wear it casually every day throughout your trip.

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