Diva General – Offering the Best Office Wear for You

Diva General has casual, smart, tailored shirts and blazers available for your work needs. When you are a career oriented woman, you would obviously want to stand out when it comes to your work and attire both. Following every style tip that is required and wearing what is best for you. You want to chase all your dreams and become what you want to. Keeping your busy schedule aside, clothing also matters when you are at work. There are several trendy outfit styles that you can follow and look graceful and chic at work. Diva has a bunch of fabulous one’s for you and here are a few of them for you to definitely get.

1.     Striped Coat


Coats are a must wear when it comes to work. Well, not every time but if you are working in an office set up then it is better to wear one because that adds a touch of dressiness and elegance to your attire. This striped coat can be the perfect funky addition to your office wardrobe. Style this coat with a regular black tank top or wear it on top of a pair of straight dress pants. Improvise and get rid of the regular, same old boring office blazers and be funky.

2.     Black Sleeveless Dress


You have an office dinner to attend at a fancy restaurant and you want to wear something that is classy and not too formal at the same time. Basically something that would fit a hundred percent to the dress code. This black body con dress is the most wanted this season.

It looks super chic and trendy at every office event you would want to wear it to. The strap detailing makes it look elegant. Pair it up with black pumps and make a style statement in front of your colleagues.

3.     White Chiffon Shirt


A shirt is a must have in your wardrobe, especially a white one. This white shirt in chiffon with black detailing on the collar makes it a perfect mix with a pair of black dress pants to work. Style it up with a plain black blazer to make your look a little dressier. The color white makes it neutral so you can also wear it with khakis and not just black pants. If you are a person of prints then bring about a change and wear this shirt with printed checkered black and white pants and make a fashionable statement.

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