3 Ways to Style the V-Neck Chiffon Blouse

You have a really nice blouse in your wardrobe that you love a lot and you prefer wearing it everywhere you go because that is how much you admire it. Well, do not fret by the fact that people will judge you for wearing the same outfit every other day. There are several ways to style a top and look chic every time you wear it. Be it to a party or two work, you can rock this blouse with any style you want to and look trendy to the next level.

976J658S10_21.     Beachy Look

So there is a beach party that you have to go to and you want to wear your favorite cold shoulder chiffon top. You do not know how to dress it up so it looks casual and beachy. Here is what you should do. Wear it with a nice skirt, it can be a mini skirt or a maxi skirt. It would look gorgeous either way. Wear a pair of flip flops with it or beach sandals. Make sure you tuck in the top in your skirt. You can also wear it with a pair of flowy culottes because obviously that is the trendiest thing going on these days. Choose a printed design which has the same shade of blue for either of the two, the skirt or culottes.

446173S04_1.jpg2.     Office Look

Going to work and you want to wear your favorite chiffon top? It is very simple to style it for your office or a very important business meeting that you have to attend. Wear it with a pair of sleek dress pants in either black or white. Navy blue looks ethereal with the color white, so that would be a better choice for you. If you want to make it look a little bit more formal, then wear a matching blazer with it. So what if the sleeves are detailed, after all you want it to look different every time!

3.     Dinner Look

Fancy dinners can be the trickiest ones, because that is the time when you just do not know what to wear. Leggings can be worn formally with tops and they look very smart. Get yourself some nice leggings in the color black and wear it with this chiffon top. Pair it up with black toe heels and a matching cross body bag of course. Make sure you do not forget to accessorize, because what is a night out without some bling?

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