Diva’s 4 Must Have High Heels

All women love shoes and that really isn’t any secret. Pumps, heels, pretty kittens are all what shoes are about these days. The more you own, the better and merrier it is. But, sometimes a women might get caught away and not know what kind of shoes to invest in and from where. Here is a list of few must have shoes that are sold at Diva General which are better than the rest of the stores because of their higher quality and trendier styles.
1. Simple Black Solid Flock Pumps
There is no excuse of not having this heel in your wardrobe, especially when it is so easily available at Diva General. These three to six inch high heels are feminine and rounded toe. The color black is a classic and you can literally rock these shoes with any outfit of yours without worrying if they would look good or bad. They are always useful and there is no limit to what you can wear it with. It is a worthy investment for sure and will last you for many years to come.
2. Sexy Apricot Solid Pu Pumps

If you still have not invested in a pair of nude pumps, you really need to. It is about time you should! Get them in high heels because you really want to elongate those pins of yours, as much as you can. The cost of these pumps is amazing and they can be worn both casually and formally on several occasions. They can also be your super sexy evening heels.
3. Trendy Black Solid Pu Boots
You can definitely bet that this pair of booties will be worn a lot of times by you. A closed black boot is definitely a must have for the cooler weather. There is something super chic about Diva’s black boots with a four inches high heel. The texture and soft leather takes it very long for you to get sick of them and bored.
4. Sweet Black Patchwork Pu Pumps
We all need a pair of classy and trendy pumps for those party nights and formal dinners. The sweet black pumps with patch work are a must have in your shoe closet. The transparent texture with the gold beads makes it perfect for your cocktail dress. The color black and gold are neutral so you can easily wear them with all your formal outfits.

Buy now: https://www.divageneral.com/index.php/shoes.html


Diva General – Plus Size Clothing

Plus size clothing is generally hard to find for most women. Looking for all the extra large sizes and not fitting into those properly can be very disappointing when you really need a new outfit for yourself, let’s say for an upcoming party or a gathering with friends. Diva General has a separate line of plus size clothing for women for their convenience when it comes to shopping for clothes. Get the looks you love without worrying about the sizes and be the diva by flaunting your chic outfits
Wide Range of Outfits to Choose From
They have a wide range of plus size clothing so women can choose from a big variety. Not just confining themselves to specific outfits, they have the option to scroll through the website and buy what is best for their body shape. After all no one likes being limited to specific things, especially if it is something as common as clothes.
Plus Size Dresses
Every woman loves to wear dresses. Her very first outfit she would choose to wear when going out to a party, a dinner date or to work would be a nice and sleek dress. Diva General has tons of those available on their site. From different styles to colors, be it a body con dress or a maxi dress, they literally have it all. The best part is that women do not have to worry about being a plus size fitting because they specifically design clothes according to their body needs.
Not so High on the Budget
The outfits on Diva General are not very costly either. Considering how most women shop according to their budget, they are unable to buy a lot of things they love just because of their high price range. Diva makes clothes that can be bought by every woman out there without worrying about the prices. One benefit is that their outfits regularly go on sale, so if you want to wait it out, you can do that as well. Money should not limit women from shopping for what they want, and that is what their motto is.
High Quality
Quality is the first concern when it comes to clothing. At Diva, women do not have to worry about the quality because they use the most reasonable and good quality material that is also long lasting and does not fade off with every wash.


Diva Accessories – 3 Top Accessories to Buy

Diva General brings to you all the latest and trendy accessories from all the top designers that you probably might spot your favorite celebrities wearing. Who would not want to get such amazing and trendy accessories for themselves? Everyone loves a fashionable outfit with a trendy attire and accessories are an essential if you want to do that. Here are a few trendy and chic accessories that are a must buy from Diva General for your basic and fashionable desires and needs.

1. Watches
Watches are a basic everyday necessity and without it you really can’t keep track of the time. The watches sold at Diva general are funky and give a vintage touch, through their tribal and natural designs. This watch has a multicolored strap that would literally go with every outfit of yours. The elephant logo in the middle makes it unique and different from most designs. It adds a touch of funkiness to the watch, away from the boring bronze, gold or silver watches with a chain strap or a leather one. This watch can be worn by both the young and adult. Girls can wear this watch to school or college and even can rock it to work.

2. Push Up Bras
Always looking for that perfect bra for your busty needs but you are always unable to find the most pretty designs and styles. The push up bras at Diva are comfortable yet fashionable. Available in every style and color, you do not have to go through different store sites and waste your time when you literally have everything under one site. Not very expensive and heavy on the budget, you can flaunt this push up bra of yours under every outfit. Worried about the sizes? They have all the sizes according to your needs and requirements.

3. Belts
Belts are a basic necessity and a fashion accessory at the same time. Obviously if your jeans is loose and falling off you would want to wear a belt to be comfortable. Diva has a wide range of belts in all the trendy and attractive styles possible. Starting from all chain belts that you can wear to a party with your fit skinny jeans to a plain leather belt that can be worn on a daily basis casually and formally, they have every style. Who wouldn’t want to wear such hip belts with their outfits? Definitely every girl or woman out there would.

4 Must Buy Handbags by Diva

Designer handbags are just a click away at Diva General. With a wide range of designer handbags, you can choose from which ever style you like on reasonable prices. They do not charge extra on their brands like most stores but prefer selling everything cost to cost. They also have a sale season on their handbags so you can actually get your favorite totes and purses on a much cheaper price range. Here are a few that are a must by from their store
1. Guess Pursedhb_38_
When it comes to luxury handbags, exotic skin is one of the most important things when it comes to the quality of the bags. This bag by guess is sleek, interestingly designed and will also last you many years because of its high quality. This leather handbag with the snake skin strap makes it even more interesting and worthy of the purchase. Delve into it and flaunt it with all your outfits to work or normally for using on an everyday basis.
2. Black Leather Handbag
Stand out in the crowd and be the center of everyone’s attention with this handbag by Diva’s collection. The intricate design makes it unique and the teddy bear keychain with the bag makes it a must have for most of the girls out there. Obviously every girl loves to accessorize their bags with cute keychains and this bag literally comes with one. The size of the bag is also very reasonable since you can easily fit most of your stuff in it without putting in the effort of squeezing in your daily essentials inside your bag. Surely everyone hates that.
3. Steven Designer Elegant Handbag

This Steven handbag is elegant and classy from every angle. The color of the handbag is totally in fashion these days and would go with every attire of yours. The design of the hand bag makes it a bit towards the vintage side, and the size of the bag is also very reasonable. You can easily use it at work, or in college because this tote will easily fit in all your notebooks. This bag is perfect for travelling purposes as well.
4. Michael Kors
The Michael Kors side cross body is the most wanted bag these days and everybody’s favorite store Diva sells it. Well obviously, why wouldn’t they? They sell everything that is inn and trendy. This bag can be used regardless of the occasion whenever you want to.


3 Trending Hats You Should Own – Diva General

One of the trendiest accessories of all times is a hat. Whether it is to cover up a bad hair day or if you want a next level diva look with your hat, it is the perfect accessory available for all needs. The type of hat a woman wears is what defines her personality and her style trends. Although not all of us know well about fashion, and get confused about the type of hats we should pick up for ourselves. Several types of hats are available online on Diva General you can choose from according to the occasions. Just a few must have hats for every woman out there that would look good and make you feel good at the same time! Another thing that adds up to the trendiness is your confidence and the way you carry yourself.

1. Brown Floppy Hat

Brown Floppy Hat

Going on a vacation to the Bahamas or a beautiful island? You must pack this hat in your luggage to wear with all your summer dresses and sandals. It would look perfect. For a spring look you can definitely wear this hat with a casual striped or t shirt dress with a pair of booties for a fantastic look. The beauty of this hat is the bow detailing that gives it a unique look and makes it look attractive. You can also wear this hat to the beaches with your sexy bikini during the hot summers and prevent yourself from the scorching heat.

2.Camel Hat

Camel Hat.jpg


If you are bold and daring, wear this camel hat and flaunt away your style statement. Be adventurous, and daring enough to choose this look. The front knot detail on this hat makes it look different and trendy. This hat is available in two colors that are black and brown. So you can easily match it with whatever outfit you are wearing and look well-dressed. This hat can be worn with a blazer and dress skirt or pants to give a sophisticated look, or wear it to the polo matches and look like a fashionista.

3.Sporty Hat

Sporty Hat

Are you a gangster deep inside who always wants to try out something new? Then this hat is the perfect attire for you. You can wear it to school or your most important game of the season and look super cool. Pair it up with your jeans and t-shirt or your sports outfit and look different!



Stock up the Hottest Fashion Trends with Diva General

Diva General is your one-stop destination to stock up the hottest reigning trends of the season. From audaciously bold one-shoulder dresses to sultry lace lingerie, we’ve got everything you need to look glamorously on-point.

Here, take a look at what we have to offer:

1.   Off-the-Shoulder



Despite all the fashion predictions, the off-the-shoulder trend continues to reign both, the runways and street style and clearly, its glamour is still raging hot after being in demand for 5 seasons. Diva General allows you to stock up this audaciously bold trend in a wide range of fashion staples, from sultrily ruched up cocktail dresses to casual tops, button-downs and lots more. We give you splendid style opportunities to rock the one-shoulder, cold shoulders and slanted off-the-shoulders that allow you to flaunt your skin and beauty bones in style.

2.   Bodycon Madness



Bodycon dresses are a splendid trick to highlight your curves and accentuate every inch of your luscious body. If you’re an hour glass or pear shaped woman, you definitely need bodycon dresses to highlight your slim waist and play up the curvature of your bust. We at Diva General allow you to rock your body with confidence and vogue in a wide variety of bold and glamorous prints. From sheer embroidered patterns to audaciously voguish leopard prints and lots more, we want nothing more than providing you sultry bodycon dresses to drape your curves with style.

3.   O-Neck Glam!



Diva General has an abundant variety to allow you a glamorous moment of O-neck glam that reveal your finely sculpted beauty bones with style and vogue. Our stunning range of luxuriously comfy and voguishly chic o-neck dresses come with a sexier than sexy above-the-knee dresses, which allow you to flaunt your shapely legs with style. These dresses are amazingly summer-friendly, as they allow you to flaunt your skin and escape the horrid humidity spells that threaten to trickle pools of sweat down one’s back. These chic dresses will keep you cool and casually on-point for street style.

4.   Notes on Lacy Seduction



If a woman wishes to strike the most glamorous notes of lacy seduction, all she needs is a sexy variety of lace lingerie in audaciously bold hues. Diva General allows you to stock up stunning lace lingerie staples in voguish hues like daring blacks, angelic whites and bold fiery reds. From skimpy and sultry two-piece sets to floor-grazing lace gowns with audacious thigh-high slits, Diva General has all the right staples to help you flaunt a sexy moment of boudoir glamour.

Plus-Sized Divas! Behold the Most Voguish Trends that will Flatter Your Curves

We at Diva General wholeheartedly believe that plus size women are the sexiest beings to walk the earth, and their luscious curvature deserves to be draped in sharply structured clothing staples that flatter their figure and bring out the best in their curves.

Here, feast your eyes on the hottest staple we have to offer our plus sized beauties:

1.   Sheer Necklines



Nothing flatters a lusciously curvy bust better than an audaciously bold sheer neckline. We, at Diva General, offer plus sized women the most gloriously sexy pieces of luxuriously comfy lingerie, which comes with sultry cold-shoulder patches and sheer necklines that highlight your cleavage in the most romantic of ways. These stunningly sexy lingerie staples right just above the thigh, grazing your skin with their delicate lace trimming. You can shop this trend in bold blacks and hot pinks.


2.   Exaggerated Sleeves



Here’s wonderfully voguish trick to play up your physique and shroud away all your problem areas. Diva General is about to entice you with it’s chicer than chic variety of above-the-knee dresses that come with gloriously exaggerated sleeves, which give these dresses a maxi-dress like finish. You must play up these contemporary staples in your casual street style and beachside affairs.

3.   Sharply Structured




We offer a splendid variety of sharply structured dresses that will beguile you to play up your curves and supporting your bust to highlight the shape of your luscious curvature. These sleekly structured staples are a must-have at work, particularly if you want to dominate the work environment with your bold lady boss vibes. We offer a wide range of trends to be shopped in this variety, for instance, exaggerated bell sleeves, sharp pencil dresses, side pockets, zip enclosure necklines and lots more. Come, take a look!

4.   Gloriously Wrapped Up




Wrap dresses are a wonderful pick for plus-sized fashionistas as they give a sensually structured appeal to one’s figure, while providing adequate support to play up one’s bust and bring out the best one’s curves. Diva General has a splendid collection of wrap dresses in a wide variety of lengths, such above-the-knee, ankle grazing and floor sweeping. You can play up these romantically feminine wrap dresses and their audaciously plunging necklines at all your black tie, formal and evening affairs. Play them up with your strappy high heels, sparkly jewels and a feistily fiery red pout.