The Do’s and Don’ts of plus Size Fashion

There are many designers who think that women who are curvy are not really interested in following the latest fashion trends. But have you ever met a woman who asks you to put her in a potato sack? A few practical advices claim that women who are curvy and fuller are not exclusive mutually. Here are a few tips for those with curves that are flattering, and a few things that they should avoid. 

DO: Identify your body shape

There are five types of body shapes generally, triangle, hourglass, oval, rectangle and inverted. If you know what the shape of your body is, then it will help you choose the right silhouette. For instance if you triangle shapes, then you would know that you need to wear a fuller skirt for a better balance.

DO: Invest in a good bra

The right bra will give you a polished appearance along with clean lines. Wearing a bra that is ill in fitting can cause tremendous problems. For instance a posture that is bad, dents in the shoulders. So it is very important to get a fitting that is proper.

DO: Find a tailor that is good

Designers and brands have different sized fit models and stuff, so it is better to not stick to a single size for every time you buy some outfit for yourself. It really is not about the number, it is about the fit. Get tailored clothes so they can hang on your body properly so there can be a difference between something terrific and terrible. Obviously if you have a store like Diva General that makes clothes specifically for plus sized women, then you do not need a tailor to stitch you clothes.

DO NOT: Wear leggings in place of pantsplus Size Fashion

It might sound a bit absurd and rude, but women really need to realize that leggings are not pants. That is one bitter truth every woman should accept and face. Avoiding too much personal information, you really do not want people to see your huge butt under the short t-shirts. Leggings look the best when you wear them with shirts that have tunic like styles and tops that are longer which cover up properly.

DO NOT: Dress like a sloppy at the gym

There are a lot of options for you to look good when you are going to the gym. You do not really have to look ridiculous just because you are fat. Plus, if you dress cute then you will feel more motivated.



Fashion Tips for Plus Size Women

We prepare ourselves for the season of spring with the latest collection of outfits that we can find. All the magazines that inspire and tease us to buy everything that exists in the fashion world but what if you are fat, you can’t really dress up however you want, or can you? What if you are new to all this and you do not know how to dress up according to you weight? Let your personal style evolve by following a few simple steps so you know what you really need to do and where you should start. And if you do not know where to shop from, then Diva General has literally got you covered. Here are a few tips rounded up to help you out with it, so you can embrace your style without feeling guilty of being fat.

Colors that are playful

Play with colors, you are so here for the intensity of the spring colors. Go with shades that are rich, such as blue, yellow, orange that catches the eye and looks juicy. Choose prints that are bold and bright without hesitating even a bit. Do not worry, you will not look like a fashion reject! Body weight does not define you, the way you dress up and the colors you choose to wear do.

Look for all the new pieces

Every season, look for new pieces to wear during the season. Update your closet with all the latest outfits that you can find. Diva General has a ton of them available specifically for plus sized women. Look for stuff that would last you longer than just a single season, something that can transition according to the weather longer than one year.

Make your look, look interesting

Another way to make your look, look interesting is to add detailing. These details make your attire look complete, whether it is just belts or a clutch to carry, or just the button detailing on the jacket that you wear. Rock the clutches, glasses and shoes. They are very important for your overall look!

Know your measurements

When was the last time you got your sizes checked? Never? Make sure you measure your sizes regularly so you get an outfit that fits your body to an exact. When your clothes fit you well, it makes you feel more confident about yourself, instead of wearing clothes that are not your proper size.


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Choosing the Right and Affordable Hand Bags from Diva General

Everyone in this world has a weakness, and the biggest weakness for a woman is her handbag. She tries her level best to choose the best one she can buy, but sometimes it gets a little tough when you are short on a budget and you have no choice but to go for a handbag that is cheap. Now obviously if you would buy something that is cheap in price, then it would be cheap in quality as well. Well, women can stop worrying about this problem because Diva General sells handbags that are branded and are of a good quality at the same time. The benefit of purchasing from diva general is that their handbags are original and they are cheaper than the actual prices that you would find at most stores.

High Quality Hand Bags

It can be very crucial at times to buy a tote bag that has a good quality and this is something that you literally cannot compromise on. It is something that you would be using regularly at every place you go to, be it whichever event. Do not settle for anything less than amazing, get yourself a branded Michael Kors or Jessica Simpson’s bag from Diva General at a discounted price. Unlike a dress that cannot be worn again and again, as hand bag can be used every day till it wears out. It can easily be re worn and re purposed in everyone’s wardrobe.

Leather Bags

Leather BagsThe fabric leather is great because it ages very well. It is literally one of the few things in this world that would look better after it ages. That is why diva sells bags that are purely leather and also light on your pockets. Hence, it is also one of the best choices when it comes to a reasonable yet long lasting hand bag. You can keep this piece for several years and it will just keep getting better and better by the day. Surely no other reason is needed to invest in a bag made of leather.

Neutral Colors

Neutral ColorsOpt for colors that are neutral, such as grey, black, nude, etc. when you are investing in hand bag so it goes with all the outfits that you wear. The bags at diva are neutral and can be paired with any outfit of yours. So you do not need to buy a bunch of bags and waste your money.

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How to Choose the Right Wedding Bands and Rings?

Wedding Bands
Choosing the right wedding rings is simple and not at all anything to stress about. Diva General sells such kind of wedding rings for your special moment. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps and you will be good to go!
Wedding Bands
Make your choices Narrow

Just because this is one of the pieces you would shop for together, even if not the only one you would get together to wear every day, make some choices before you plan on visiting the store. Evaluate the color of the metal that you would prefer, yellow, rose gold, silver or white? Would you want to go for something that is rather simple or flashy? Make sure you work all these questions out and know what exactly you are searching for.

Start Searching Early

Once you have an idea basically on what you are planning on purchasing, then make your way towards the jewelry stores. Make sure that you give yourself enough time to research and revisit all the rings that you think are worthy of a purchase. At least two months to be precise. Give it more time if you are planning on getting something custom made, and all the extra work such as engravings can take around a month more.

Matching is not necessary

Do not create a fuss if you prefer a shade of yellow gold and he likes silver. There is no hard and fast rule that you both have to be matching when it comes to the metals or as a matter of fact, the styles. Pick bands that reflect your style as an individual, something that would depict your taste and style sense. However some of the rings which can be as simple as an inscription should definitely be matching.

Set up a Budget

Do not go overboard while shopping for your wedding ring. Go with the most reasonable design. For instance a band that is gold would definitely cost you less than a band that is purely diamond. A few other things also need to be kept in mind, which is the engraving on your bands. The price mainly depends on the design and font that you choose to get done on your bands and the other things that comes in it, is whether you choose to get it engraved by hand or a machine.



Hit the Ramp with These Sensual Heels!

Got to set up a new definition of sexy? Diva General has come up with these slinky black heels will make the best option! The unique and yet eye-catching design of this sophisticated pair will definitely win your heart. Displaying ultimate sophistication, these shoes make the ideal most style statement for all the divas out there.

Product details


Diva General provides products manufactured with good quality material, promising a long-lasting service and style.

Product title: HH-79A6-59#WOMENS SHOES-BLACK

Product ID: 79A6-59-3506

Vamp material of the shoes comprises of pure suede while the sole material is rubber. These give shoes a proper grip and render them comfortable to wear. A transparent material is used in the holding strap and the part covering the front of the foot for grip. Leather bows in the front give this pair a unique and slinky look. There are almost 5 bows in a row partially covering the front of the food giving it a classic look. The long sensual heels give this product a delicate look and make them worth-wearing. Thus, this pair is the best choice to wear in formal as well as semi-formal gatherings.

The product is available only in black! But, this does not limit your choice at all because black is a universal color and complements every kind of outfit really well.

The product is available in various sizes and you’re therefore free to choose the one which fits you best.

Heels never go out of fashion and never will. This has opened new doors for creative and sexy designs in the world of heels. Therefore, all this innovation is responsible for such a vast range of designs in the industry.

The product has been manufactured with high-quality products and thus promises the quality and style both. Therefore, it is worth your money and effort.

So, now, put up your favorite trendy nail paint, your style statement outfit, all your makeup and hairstyle and complement all of these with this sexy pair of heels helping you pull off the chic look really well! So, what are you waiting for? Go and order this trendy pair of shoes in whatever size you want at the most economical price!

Best quality Michael Kors’ bag with Diva G

Go to pull off the sassy look in today’s gathering? You’re definitely in the right place. Diva general brings you the chicest style Michael Kors’ hand bag you’ve always looked for.

We know that the average main-stream bags have never been our customers’ specialty. Therefore, considering the demands of our buyers and the up-coming trends, we’ve come forward with the most fashionable and unique bags which will highly complement your look in every gathering. Such handbags never go out of vogue. From grace and style to quality, all aspects of an ideal handbag can be found in this product!

Product You Need to Buy Today!

This debonair addition has got all the qualities you look for in an ideal product. Made from high-quality leather with a simple yet sophisticated pattern on it, it wins the heart of every customer. The material

has got a special finish which gives it a shine Michael Kors’ label in gold, a small front pocket with gold zip and a golden buckle gives the bag a very classic look. Moreover, the Michael Kors’ pendant in gold hung with the shoulder straps also greatly complements the look. It has got every feature authentic of an original MK bag.


Yu can carry this bag at any place and in any occasion. Whether it’s the workplace, shopping centre or university, this bag will be handy. You can keep it empty or fill it with whatever you want, it’s not going to give up! The product itself speaks of its quality! With proper use and care, this bag can serve you for years without even a scratch!

The product is available in black with a single size. Black is the colour of class and it goes well with every look and outfit. It’s a universal color and thus a trademark of designer’s collection.

So, what are you waiting for? Shop online with Diva G and buy this exclusive designer bag at the lowest possible price and the best-quality. All you have to do is go to the provided product link and click ‘add to cart’. You can have a complete and detailed view of the product on Diva G official website

Make your own style statement now with Michael Kors!

Make Your Own Style Statement with these Solid Flock Flats

There have been a lot of flats and chic heels in vogue in recent year. Now, flock flats have also begun to hold their ground in the world of fashion and style. The pros about this style are that they can go really well with almost all kinds of outfits especially casuals. Jeans really complement these and therefore they’re more popular among teenagers. However, all age groups can pull off this pair really well.

Another positive aspect is that in addition to style, these shoes cover your feet really well and protect them from the dust and effects of the harsh environment. Therefore, these are a really good choice for those women who spend most of their time outside the house like workers and students.

Product details

The product is made of high-quality materials. Vamp is made of suede while the sole is made of rubber. These make the shoes comfortable and long lasting. The design in flat gives the shoes a very classic look. This addition has a v shaped front part and a walled-off back to give a grip on heels. A slant thin strip is added on each foot to add into the style and make it look more stylish. This also adds to the grip of the shoes.477226-3506_1

The product is available in variable sizes so you can choose the one which fits you the best. However, the color available is only in black. Black is a universal color and thus can go well with every outfit despite of what look you want.

This is a perfect pair of shoes for college, university, workplace, casual gatherings and hangouts. The level of comfort is infinite with these products and this is what makes this pair on the top of all others. Its high-quality material of manufacture makes the basis of its value.

Yu can have a proper look at the product and its reviews on the official website of Diva G .  Once you get complete satisfaction, you can buy the product with just a single click on add to cart. Your product will be delivered on your doorstep in minimum time and lowest possible price!

Go Elegant with Japan Original Gold Necklace

If you’re thinking about what could be the best gift for one’s birthday, wedding, wedding anniversary or you just want it for the exchange of love, this Japan Gold necklace will make the ideal choice. Even if you want quality shopping for yourself, you’re most welcome!

Since years, jewellery has been the favorite choice among most of the people as a gift since it reflects one’s true love for the other. The effort one puts in making the accurate selection keeping in mind the receiver’s choice with the intention of reflecting one’s own love for him is what makes this special.

Which is the best place to get delicate yet stylish jewellery? Whenever this question arises, the answer to it will always be Diva G. It is the best one stop online shop which provides best-quality products with just one click.


You can now show-off your dainty side with this sophisticated gold necklace with its intricate design. It’s an original gold necklace made in japan. It has a heart shaped locket carved into a sleek design and fit on a strong gold chain which also has been made with delicacy and dedication.

The beauty of the product lies in the fact that it can go well in every look and complements every outfit you wear. You can carry this piece of art comfortably and with pride to any place. Whether it’s a gift for someone or you wear it to your workplace, any ceremony or hangout, it will make a perfect complement.

This ideal piece of art has been very perfectly crafted from real gold under optimum conditions and molded into a design which reflects delicacy and craftsmanship.

It’s an 18k 1.45 gold necklace available in its original form. In addition to this, many other stylish designs are also available in gold. The good part is that you’ll get high-quality product n the lowest possible price.

So, your dream necklace is just a click away. Go to the product link given above and have a good review of the product which is available at the official website of Diva G

After having a proper review, click on add to the cart and you’re done! You’ll get your product delivered on your doorstep!

Get a flawless skin with elta MD skincare on Diva General

Skincare has become a vital part of life and there’s nothing wrong with taking a good care of your skin. With increasing global warming and excessive exposure to UV rays every day, there is a dire need to have good-quality products which can fully protect your skin from the entire harsh environment it has to face, from dust to UV-rays, from humid to dry air.

You can get your desired skin care product online from Diva G which is a one stop shop. Go flawless with elta MD skin care sunscreen with spectrum SPF46.

Product Details!

Knowing that customers can’t compromise with their skin, Diva G brings you just the high-quality skin care products like elta D. This product is an ideal choice for all the ladies who spend most of their time staying outside their homes and are exposed to the damaging UV radiations daily.

UV clear is abroad spectrum sunscreen ideal for all kinds of harsh UV ray exposure. It is the best product for all the skins types which are prone to Acne and hyperpigmentation. It also prevents hyperpigmentation secondary to environmental conditions.

The product forms a protective layer on your skin preventing the UV rays and harsh environmental air to come in direct contact with the skin preventing any unhealthy reaction, acne and hyperpigmentation.

It contains the pure form of transparent zinc oxide which has the ability to absorb scatter and reflect UV rays. Pure niacinamide is also an active ingredient of this product which is vitamin B3 preventing skin problems associated with its deficiency. This is a must ingredient in all the sunscreens. In addition to protection, it is a good moisturizer too!

Elta MD skincare is available in a single size. It is the original product and is available at the most economical price.

So, without having a second thought, add this ideal product for your skin in the cart. You can easily buy this online with Diva G official website

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Must Buy Bag Trends In 2017

Spring and summer are here and we have piled up all the trendy bags which are everyone’s eye candy. The girls who love fashion know what it is like to have the latest and most up to date bags to use. Surely, everyone loves flaunting their cross body bags and tote bags at work. Carrying an iced latte in on hand and a fancy tote in the other? Who would not adore that! The options for bags this season are literally endless, which add fresh iterations on the bodies which are loved by everyone. Add bold and new styles to your bag collection by investing in totes, cross bodies and bag packs. We have pulled out a few styles from Diva General that are a must have this season.

Guess Cross Body

This Guess Cross Body is worthy of an investment. It can be used as a work bag during the day and transformed into a bag for the cocktail parties at night. For those who work all day and hardly ever get time to go home a change before going to a party, this bag is very reasonable. The size of the bag is such that it can fit a bunch of things at once and it gives a classy look at the same time, so this bag can also be utilized formally.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Hand Bag

Stay under the budget by investing into the Kenneth Cole Reaction hand bag. This bag is perfect for your daily needs. It can be used as a work bag by women who go to the office or any other work place every day and also by the girls who go to college. The color of the bag is black, which is obviously neutral and it would go with every outfit of yours. Another good part about it is that it is big in size so college girls can easily fit in their notes and books in it.

The Sak Bag

Sometimes something as sweet and pretty looking as this bag should be a part of your collection. The embroidery and colorful design of this bag gives it a bohemian look. Women who are into cultural designs and prefer bags that look classy and urban at the same time can invest into this. The detailing of the bag makes it look super chic and worthy of using during your summer breaks spent at the beach. The size is big enough to fit in all your beach essentials.